Yancey County NC
Yancey County NC
Yancey County NC is known as the “gateway to Mt. Mitchell,” which is the tallest peak in the Eastern US at 6,684 feet above sea level. Located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Yancey County is known for its beauty, activities and its small mountain town feeling.

The unique charm and people you will find in Yancey County NC will have you wanting to stay with us forever. Well known for its textiles industries as well as for its Christmas tree farms, Yancey County NC is a mostly rural county with many small towns and beautiful places. One such town, Burnsville, located in Yancey County NC is the county’s largest city and hosts most major businesses.

Yancey County Weather is very mild with summer temperatures peaking in the mid 80’s with nightime temperatures dropping into the 50’s. The winter months bring along a few winter snows ranging from less than an inch up to a little over a foot deep. That is just all part of the essence of this great mountain county located in Western North Carolina.

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